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What is a Photo-Mosaic? Very simply, it's an image composed of many smaller pictures. All your wedding photos can be stunningly displayed in one location. From afar you see the master image and as you get closer you begin to pick out the individual images that make up the mosaic. This is a piece of artwork that just keeps richly giving new ways of seeing it, as they are typically composed of 700+ unique photographs (including those taken by guests if desired).

These mosaics look stunning printed on canvas wrapped round a hand-made wooden frame, with each change in viewing angle revealing new facets to the image.
Wedding Photo-mosaicLucy & Simon's Photo-mosaicJennifer & Richard's Photo-mosaicKate & Ant's Photo-mosaicKate & Ant's 2nd Photo-mosaicHeather & Steve's Photo-mosaicRog & Ali's Photo-mosaicWill & Amanda's Photo-mosaicWill & Amanda'a 2nd Photo-mosaicTom & Emmas Photo-mosaicDave & Danielle's Photo-mosaic